CEIVA Pro 80 Digital Photo Frame Gets Pics From Your Cameraphone, Wi-Fi PC

It's almost the holiday season--do you know what that means? It probably means that you'll be giving at least one digital photo frame away as a gift, even though that person either a) won't use it or b) will re-gift it soon after. For whatever reason, these frames have become the "fruitcake" of the digital era, largely because they've remained unchanged since they launched years ago. CEIVA, however, is looking to make a difference in the largely boring arena of digital photo frames.

The company's new Pro 80 Digital Photo Frame is definitely different than the rest, boasting not just simple slideshow capabilities but also functionality that lets you upload new images to it via cellphone and Wi-Fi. You heard right--the Pro 80 supports PicturePlan, a $6.95 monthly service that enables the frame to bring in images that are taken and sent from your cameraphone. In case that's not enough, your PC can do the same over Wi-Fi, meaning that it doesn't even need to be connected to an Ethernet cord. In fact, users can actually stream digital photo albums hosted on the PC to the frame.

The device ships with two interchangeable faceplates in rich wood and classic black finishes and a built-in memory card reader (you know, for loading pictures the old fashioned way), and it'll ship soon in America for $147.99. If you wait until after the holidays, that MSRP will lift to $179.99.