Catch NVIDIA's Live Stream Press Conference From CES 2014 Here

Some of us have already touched-down in Las Vegas for the week, while still others are enroute.  The folks from NVIDIA, however, have likely been on site most of the weekend gearing up for their big press conference that is scheduled to take place just minutes from now at 11:00PM PST, 8:00PM EST.

Just what NVIDIA will have on tap is anyone's guess but in the city built upon the notion luck, we'd wager Jen-Hsun Huang and his band of pixel thumping ninjas are going to lift the veil on a little bit of everything.  Maybe we'll see NVIDIA's next generation Tegra technology code named Logan make an appearance, or perhaps there's a new GeForce in the works?  GTX 790 anyone?

Whatever it is, according to NVIDIA's Facebook page, it's alien and 'impossibly advanced'...

We'll be on hand for NVIDIA's press conference and will bring you our take of the action but you can also watch it live here, on NVIDIA's Twitch stream. Refresh this page at 11PM EST / 8 PST, when the action starts...

If it weren't for the nasty Northeast weather and our friends at Jet Blue getting a bit overwhelmed, yours truly would be on the scene as well, penning this entry from the road.  Alas, sunny LV, I'll see you tomorrow.

For now, stay tuned. We've got sleuths at the ready regardless as our CES 2014 coverage officially gets underway.

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