Canon Rumored To Join The Mirrorless Camera Ranks

No surprises here. With Olympus, Sony, Fujifilm and a slew of others making fistfuls of cash from their Micro Four Thirds and interchangable lens cameras, we've since heard that Nikon was also considering jumping into this market. And now, Canon will evidently be joining them. According to new reports, the world's largest camera-maker will be mulling the opportunity to launch a mirrorless model, bringing DSLR-like quality to a smaller form factor with a few corners cut, ones that most average folks won't notice.

At this point, it's all speculation; Canon's not going to come right out and claim that the rumors are true, but it certainly adds up. Being the world's largest camera-maker heaps a bit of extra expectations on the company, and they just wouldn't be Canon without being in every camera segment, right? Right? We'll see -- hopefully by CES next year, they'll be giving those other guys a run for their money.
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