Canon Launches Irista Digital Image Cloud Storage Platform

Organizing your collection of digital photos is often a chore, though it doesn't have to be. There are services intended to make photo management a lot easier, including a new one by Canon. It's called Irista and it's essentially a digital image storage center in the cloud to take the place of Dropbox, Google Drive, and other similar cloud-based services.

Unlike those others, however, Irista is solely intended for photographs (JPEG and RAW) -- you can't store Word documents in Irista, for example. On the flip side, by focusing on photos, Canon is able to offer some compelling features, such as no individual file-size limitations. There are storage limits, however, starting with up to 10GB for free. If you need more than that, Canon offers up to 50GB for £4.99 per month and up to 100GB for £10.99 per month.

Irista Browser

Unfortunately you can't edit your photos in Irista, though that's a function Canon may add in the future. What you can do is share your images directly on Facebook and Flickr and keep track of likes and comments.

We played around with Irista and think it has potential, though it's obviously early in the game. Being able to edit photographs would go a long way in fleshing out the service, and we'd like it support video uploads as well. In the meantime, it's a pretty slick looking service that's only going to get better. It's also worth mentioning that you can request feature updates.