Canon EOS 50D Digital SLR Camera

We're launching a brand new Cameras / Gadgets channel on HotHardware today, and with it we have a full evaluation of the Canon EOS 50D Digital SLR Camera. Whether you’re an amateur photographer or someone who’s more serious about photography, a D-SLR can provide a lot of benefits over a simple point and shoot camera. With a D-SLR, you’ll get faster shooting speeds, better optics (and therefore a better quality picture), the ability to change lenses for ultimate flexibility, complete control over image exposure, sharpness, other image quality settings and a lot more.

Like many products, there are entry-level D-SLRs, professional-grade D-SLRs, and plenty of models in between. Canon’s 50D blurs the line between amateur and professional D-SLR cameras. This camera strikes a good balance with its price and feature set. With this camera, you’ll get a lot of features you wouldn’t find on entry-level models, but you won’t pay professional-grade prices, either. Users who are just making the jump to a D-SLR, for example will appreciate the 50D’s Live View mode, which lets you use the D-SLR’s LCD to frame an image, similar to the way you would frame an image using a point and shoot camera. For more advanced shooters, the 50D also has full manual controls to give you ultimate control over your photographs. Come on by the site and check it out...

Canon EOS 50D Digital SLR Camera
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