Canon Adds A Dash Of Color To EOS Rebel T3 EF 18-55 IS II DSLR

ColorWare PC made a business out of painting everyday electronics. For whatever reason, people seem to truly enjoy getting gadgets in various colors, rather than the standard hues that any given company may ship. Camera companies have evidently figured this out as well, with Pentax being the first major company to ship a number of DSLR cameras in a number of hues.

We never really expected a company like Canon to go the "color" route, but that's the route that they've found themselves on. Today, they announced that the EOS Rebel T3 EF 18-55 IS II Lens Kit would be shipping in three new color variations (red, brown and metallic gray), and of course, the standard black color will remain available for those looking for a more plain experience. Outside of the color, the internals remain the same, which means you'll be presented with a 2.7" rear LCD, a 9-point AF system, 12.1MP sensor and a 63-zone dual-layer matering system.

It's available for $599.99, regardless of color; you know what that means...means it's gonna be a long, long night trying to decide on a color!
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