Can Steve Jobs Outdo Himself?

There is an unwritten law of the tech world that states as MacWorld approaches industry buzz increases exponentially.  As MacWorld is almost upon us, we're forced to wonder whether or not Steve Jobs has enough up his sleeve to outdo the announcements made in MW '07.

“At last year's trade show, Apple Inc.'s charismatic CEO hurtled into the cell phone industry with the iPhone, jettisoned the word "computer" from the Macintosh maker's name and launched the Apple TV set-top box.

Since then, Apple's stock has doubled, its computers' market share has grown and consumers have continued their love affair with iPod media players.”

If all Apple has this year is an upgraded iPhone, a new AppleTV, and an a slim & light 12” professional laptop that they're going to market as an ultraportable, then we think we might end up disappointed.  Perhaps Apple will have something else up their sleeve...
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