Nintendo and Google Tag Team Wii 'Search Engine' Game

Sure, web searching can be fun, especially when you're hitting up, ahem, seedier sides of the web (that other 'Tube - don't act like you don't know it). But can surfing the web be fun on the Wii, so much so that it warrants a video game?

Google and Nintendo seem to think so, and the two have teamed up to develop a game called "Ando Kensaku," which will go on sale in Japan on April 29. The object? Try to guess popular web search terms. If you guess more than your opponent, you win.

Gamers can play offline by tapping into about 10,000 pre-stored words and phrases, but with an active Internet connection, you'll be able to download challenges based on current Google search trends.

If it sounds a bit wacky, that's because it is, but how could you not be intrigued after listening to the game's theme song?