Cambridge University Opens Center to Prepare For Killer Robots, No Word on Avengers Helicarrier

What with disease, hunger, poverty, war, and other immediate threats that the world is grappling with, studying the risk of yet-undeveloped killer robots might seem like a waste of resources. Not so, says Cambridge University. The British college is launching a center to study the risks posed by climate change, biotechnology, nuclear war, and robots.

The Center for the Study of Existential Risk has some big backers. It’s being founded by Jann Tallinn, who is a co-founder of Skype. Other founders include astrophysics professor Martin Rees and philosophy professor Huw Price. Predicting potentially dangerous artificial intelligence by the end of the next century, the group plans to study the risks.

Robots that kill us in their quest for resources? Where have we heard of that before?

So, why will robots of the future be a threat? The Existential Risk center suggests that robots with advanced artificial intelligence won’t value our lives, and may start collecting resources without giving priority to our safety. Maybe it’s about time to form a group of shawarma-loving superheroes who can protect us from futuristic threats. Where’s Nick Fury when you need him?