Ca-Fi Reveals 7" Dashlinq Android-Based In-Car NAV System

In-car entertainment has changed a lot over the years, and for the most part, we're living in an era where the electronics in one's vehicle is actually pretty impressive. No, voice directions don't really work as they should, and it's all pretty hit-or-miss, but when you consider that integrated iPod support is pretty much a standard feature now, it's clear that we're stabbing in the right direction. Starting next year, we'll have one more company to pay attention to in this space. Ca-Fi has just announced a new 7" Dashlinq system -- it's a double-DIN unit that offers a touch screen as well as Android.

Yes, Android in a car. Of course, it's using Android 2.3, which is ancient by smartphone standards, but it's still a far more open and flexible car OS than anything else we're seeing shipped from automotive factories themselves. It can act as a GPS navigation system, a media player, and even an Internet portal through 3G or Wi-Fi. The product should arrive early next year for just over 500 Euros, but it's unclear if it'll be sold only as a standalone unit or as a bundled piece from select automakers.
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