Cable Operator Achieves A World Record 4.7 Gbit/s Downstream Speed

There's fast, and then there's really, really fast. As lovers of the Internet, we love the latter. Kabel Deutschland agrees, as the cable operator has just announced an amazing achievement. Somehow, it has accomplished a new world record in transmission: 4.7Gbps. There has been a successful field test in cable network of the city of Schwerin, and the company is giving a tip of the hat to AARIS in helping it hit the rate over traditional TV cable. Back in 2010, KD already achieved a speed test peak of 1.17 Gbit/s in a field test in the cable network of the city of Hamburg. The maximum download speed of 4.7 Gbit/s achieved now in the Schwerin field test enables KD to transmit more bandwidth than current PC and laptops could process.

Customers of Kabel Deutschland living in houses with a modernised inhouse network are already able to surf the internet with up to 100 Mbit/s in the cable network of the city of Schwerin which has been upgraded to 862 MHz. The Schwerin field test shows that an 862 MHz upgraded cable network is able to broadcast download speeds of up to 4.7 Gbit/s.The field test was carried out on a test account in a school in the modernised cable network of the city of Schwerin. Works such as civil engineering were not needed. The 4.7 Gbit/s field test is completely based upon already available standards, technologies and hardware.

How soon until it's something you can buy? Well, we aren't sure of that, but at least someone is pushing in the right direction.