Cable Caps Puts A (Cute) Lid On Your USB Accessories

Accessories aren't usually able to grab our interest unless they really do something that hasn't been done before, but the new Cable Caps definitely have our eyes. Considering just how many USB peripherals we encounter on a daily basis, there's something special here that really connects to our daily experiences. These community developed covers help to protect, organize and add style to your every day USB cords. Put simply, they are designed to "help you protect the male end of any USB cable when not in use."

These also help to put varying faces on different cables, and if you're memory is sharp, you'll be able to associate a cable head with a purpose. The top portion of each Cable Cap is a funky, unique character with a built in slot to receive a standard size USB cable. Below the head, is a body section that acts as a stretchable band to tie up the remaining USB cable slack. When wrapped, the cable is tightly secured in place. When you need the cable, simply unwrap, pop off the appropriate cap and plug the USB into your computer.

Of course, the "cute" look of these make them perfect for gifts, and they're currently being sold in sets of three for $7.99 each.

With Cable Caps covering and wrapping your USB cables, you will no longer be fumbling around with excess, unidentified, knotted USB cables. There are six different Cable Cap characters for you to collect: Printer Man, Phone Dude, Camera Gal. Eye Baller, Egg Man and 'Da Bulb. They are sold in sets of three for for $7.99/set.

Cable Caps are the twenty second product designed and developed by the quirky community since quirky’s launch on June 2nd. quirky gives everyone the chance to get product ideas out of their heads and onto shelves. Each week quirky’s community collaborates to select and produce one new product idea. This week ends the development of Cable Caps and it is now available for sale in sets of three at quirky’s online store for $7.99.