C64 Retro Classic Bruce Lee Gets Free Sequel And You Can Play It Now

bruce lee return of fury 2
If you follow HotHardware regularly, then you know that we have a sweet spot for the Commodore 64. When we last visited the retro computer, Retro Games Ltd. had shown off the first images of its full-sized “new” Commodore 64 prototype that will be available some time later this year. Today, we’re getting some more Commodore 64 goodness in the form of a sequel to a game that was first released back in 1984.

Bruce Lee was a platform video game originally created for the Atari 400 and 800, but was also ported to the Commodore 64. The game drew favorable reviews upon its release and was embraced by the Commodore 64 crowd. A sequel to the game is now available after 35 years, and it’s called Bruce Lee: Return of Fury.
bruce lee return of fury 3

The game play is familiar, but Return of Fury represents an entirely new adventure for gamers that sees the return of Bruce Less (of course), The Ninja, and Yamo. While the original Bruce Lee game allowed two players to battle on screen at once, Return of Fury allows for up to three simultaneous players if you spring for a Protovision 4-player adapter. 

Return of Fury was modified by Megastyle, which has this to say about the game:

35 years later, The Emperor had rebuilt the Forbidden World. Enemies regrouped and came back even stronger. There was no backing out of the challenge ahead. Be like water, my friend, and you will be victorious. The Legend has returned - The Adventure continues.

bruce lee return of fury 1
Bruce Lee: Return of Fury is a 170kb free download (get it here) and can be played on a real Commodore 64 or on any PC with an emulator. For more information on Return of Fury, including how to play and information about the developers behind the game, check out the source link below.