Buy, Mortimer, Buy!

What's a good investment nowadays? We don't give such advice here at HotHardware, but we can tell you to steer clear of offering jumbo loans on third houses right now. That's a bad investment. What's a good investment? According to Standard and Poor's Clyde Montevirgen, Intel is a five star, strong buy monster.

According to market researcher IDC, worldwide PC shipments have recently risen above expectations, rebounding from single-digit growth at the end of 2006 to 11% growth in the first quarter of 2007 and 12% in the second quarter. Growth was supported by strong sales of mobile computers, which advanced 29.5% in the second quarter from the same quarter last year, compared to a 2.3% increase in desktop computer sales for the same period.

With mobile shipment growth expected to remain strong over the foreseeable future, we believe this trend and an increase in corporate spending for desktops, mobile, and servers will support healthy double-digit computer growth through 2009, similar to IDC's expectations. Considering that there's a large correlation between PC shipments and Intel's sales, we see the anticipated computer sales growth providing Intel with a substantial growth opportunity.

The article goes on to say nice things about AMD's outlook for the near term, too, but figures that even if they are able to match or beat the chip performance of Intel, they won't be able to match the performance of Intel stock. So mortgage your third house and buy Intel stock. Good luck getting the mortgage.