Business 0.0

Time Inc. has pulled the plug on their Business 2.0 monthly magazine.  Like most things with 2.0 appended to the end of its name, nobody knew or cared why it wasn't just 1.0. Now it's 0.0. Interestingly, Time did not sell the magazine, even though they had offers. Wishing your beloved was dead rather than in the arms of a lover seems very...unbusinesslike 2.0.

Time will reassign the editor of Business 2.0, Josh Quittner, and nine other editorial staff members to Fortune magazine, the report said.

Time, a unit of Time Warner Inc, turned down offers from Mansueto Ventures, owners of rival magazine Fast Company, and other possible buyers, the report said, citing people familiar with Time's handling of the matter.

I didn't know this magazine existed. That's bad, as I'm their target audience. I found a copy online. Apparently business 2.0 is more than untucked and unbuttoned button down shirts, skinny glasses, goatees and Doc Marten shoes. Look out Fortune, the emo kids are coming, and boy are they sad.
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