Buffalo Goes Big with 4TB Hard Drives in Select NAS Box Products

If giving Buffalo the ultimatum to 'go big or go home,' don't bother setting out a dinner plate, it may be out on the range for awhile. The Texas-based network and storage solutions provider announced it is now stuffing 4TB hard drive drives into select storage devices, including the TeraStation 5000 series of business-class network and iSCSI storage devices, the LinkStation Pro home and small office network storage device, and the DriveStation Axis USB 3.0 external hard drive.

"The introduction of 4 TB hard drives and Buffalo's early adoption in leading storage solutions provides customers with even higher capacities for greater data storage," said Matt Dargis, senior director of sales at Buffalo Technology. "We strive to provide a breadth of affordable and reliable storage solutions for business and home in the latest available hard drive capacities."

Buffalo's DriveStation Axis HD-LBU3 USB 3.0 external storage unit works with any PC or Mac, provided they're rocking a USB port, and can be purchased for around $280 street. Slightly more expensive is the LinkStation Pro, the largest single-drive NAS box on the market, available for $300 street.

From there, pricing takes a monumental leap. Buffalo's TeraStation 5200 is available in two-drive and four-drive configurations and sports business-class features. Street pricing starts at $1,000 for a unit equipped with two 4TB hard drives (8TB total storage).

Finally, the TeraStation 5400 (pictured above) offers users up to 16GB of storage by way of four 4TB hard drives, a luxury that will set you back $2,000.