Budweiser’s Buddy Cup Connects Facebook Friends That Meet Out on the Town

Forget about that awkward moment when you contemplate whether or not to whip out your smartphone and start asking for Facebook credentials at the local pub, only to find out the person you're drinking with isn't in to you. Budweiser has come up with what it believes is a better and more natural way to add to your social circle when meeting up for a cold one -- just clank your cup.

Not any ordinary cup, mind you, but Budweiser's new Buddy Cup, which is a specially designed beer glass with an embedded chip inside that links to Facebook.

Buddy Cup

When you first arrive at a Budweiser sponsored party, concert, or festival, the bottom of the cup is scanned with your smartphone to link up with your Facebook account. Then whenever you toast someone else who also has a Buddy Cup, the two of you instantly become Friends on Facebook, as confirmed by a red LED that lights up on the cup. Check it out:

Could you see yourself using something like this?