BryteWerks Puts A Projector In A Box, Promises World-Class Quality

This just might be one of the wildest new devices to land in 2012. In a world of evolutionary things, the BryteWerks line of high-def digital projectors is truly unique. They're aiming to create a new market, and they seem well on their way. The BryteWerks Model One line of Intel Core CPU-based digital projectors merge state-of-the-industry computer, digital, and optical technologies with superior connectivity capabilities and innovative industrial design into a cost-effective and intuitive multimedia control and exhibition powerhouse.

Designed for either consumer or professional applications, the BryteWerks Model One line delivers exhibition-quality 16:10 widescreen 1920x1200 resolution (within 5% of professional 2K cinema systems), through a LCD Native WUXGA panel. The projectors also feature an ultra-high brightness of 6,000 - 11,000 lumens, a 1000:1 True Contrast Ratio™, and a 1:1 throw of 1 foot to 50 feet, making them the very best, all-purpose digital projectors in their class. Internally, the BryteWerks Model One projectors feature (depending upon model configuration), a fully-integrated Intel Core i3 to i7 HTPC CPU, a full featured, slot-loaded Blu-ray player, up to 2 terabytes of internal storage, including a 500 gigabyte Solid State Drive, unequaled connectivity options, and a custom version of XBMC, an open source media organization and playback application, making the Model One a revolutionary and unsurpassed media center.

Ease-of-operation in any application was paramount in the design criteria for the BryteWerks Model One. Highly intuitive and non-linear system and content management (including the ability to operate numerous BryteWerks projectors and connected devices simultaneously), is controlled from the 720p 8.9-inch touch panel display on the back of the projector, a provided RF remote control, or the free XBMC remote app for Android and iOS devices, as well as existing Wifi & Bluetooth devices – from keyboards to smartphones to tablets - already on the market.

The BryteWerks Model One Projector offers the ability to build a professional cinema experience effortlessly, seamlessly and transparently in any environment or application without playback interruption. Operational features, to name only a few, include customized media playlist creation, variable frame rate control up to 60 fps, pre-rendered transitions, and independent control of 'connected devices' and/or daisy-chained BryteWerks projectors (or a combination of the two). Professional post-production applications include editing, visual effects creation and color grading. The open-source Python-based XBMC offers infinite feature and plug-in development allowing users infinite customization options.

There's Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB, HDMI and , 5.1 individual analog surround sound output, too.  The ultra-wide 105 mm adjustable prime lens provides greater picture fidelity and a brighter image with less optical distortion. The 1:1 Lens Throw Ratio eliminates the need for a lens throw calculator, thereby reducing set-up time in both an Imperial and Metric environment. Aftermarket lenses can adjust the projector's throw to any size screen in any size room or theater. Optical Keystone Correction of +/- 20 degrees vertical is distortion-free with no interpolated or cropped pixels - common with digital keystone correction – and provides a more accurate picture.

The four BryteWerks Model One projectors range in price from $2,449.00, $2,999.00, $3,999.00 and $5,999.00, and are available factory-direct through, which launches on January 9, 2012. Looks like a cube, shoots like a projector. Nifty.