Breakfast Lovers Pounce on PancakeBot, World's First Pancake Printer

Mmm, pancakes! The love of pancakes is nearly as ubiquitous as the affection for bacon, which incidentally go great together. It also helps that making pancakes is pretty easy, unless you try to get fancy with artistic creations that go beyond simply stick figures. But that's okay, you can still woo your kids and guests with the PancakeBot, the first ever pancake printer that's blown past its $50,000 funding goal on Kickstarter.

It's at nearly $135,000 with still 27 days to go, and it's easy to see why. The PancakeBot is essentially a 3D printer with a nerdy level of sophistication to leveling up your breakfast. It comes with "user-friendly" software that allows you to design your own pancake creations by tracing any image on your PC.


Of course, any pancake artist knows it's all about the shading, and you have control over that as well. You just tell the software which lines to draw first, and that in turn affects how brown different parts of your custom pancake gets.

Your images can then be stored on an SD card, so if you spent a great deal of time on an elaborate pancake design, you can print it out time and again without having to recreate it in software. And wile not mentioned, that also opens the door to sharing pancake designs with others.

The PancakeBot can print pancakes up to 16 inches by 8.3 inches. For added flair, you can add food coloring to the batter, both of which are not included. What you do get is the printer with pre-loaded pancake designs, though it's not cheap -- the early bird $149 and $169 tiers are all gone, so cost of entry is now $179, or $299 for two. When it goes to retail, it will run $299 MSRP.

You can check it out here.