BOXX Rips Apple's "Elegant" Mac Pro and It's Hilarious

Microsoft could take a few lessons from BOXX in how to poke fun at the competition in a tactful yet hilarious manner. BOXX, which builds high-end workstations and rendering systems for a variety of applications -- film and television, visual effects, game development, simulation, government and defense, and the list goes on -- decided to compare its own professional workstation with Apple's Mac Pro. The result?

A comical YouTube video, for one. Having just purchased a cylindrical shaped Mac Pro, Nate eagerly shows it off to his friend Drew, who is less than impressed with the hardware -- or lack thereof -- inside.

Mac Pro Ashtray

Things start off well enough when Nate confirms his Mac Pro wields an Intel Xeon processor, but things quickly go downhill when Drew fires off a barrage of followup questions, starting with whether or not Nate's machine is equipped with dual Intel Xeon processors -- "You know, 24 cores?" Drew then inquires if the Mac Pro has more than 2 GPUs, if it can be upgraded with additional hard drives, if it's overclocked, and bunch of other buzz kill questions. Have a look:

But hey, at least it looks cool, right? Even that trait is put to the test when at the end of the video a passerby mistakes the Mac Pro for an ashtray -- oh, burn!

Give kudos to BOXX for putting together a lighthearted ad that doesn't feel mean spirited or awkward, and then check out what the company has to offer if you're in the market for a workstation.