Offers 50GB of Free Storage--to iOS Users Only

Sad Android, indeed., which offers a Dropbox-like cloud storage service for both personal and business users, is offering 50GB of free cloud storage to anyone who downloads (or in the case of existing users, upgrades to) the latest iOS app (version 2.4.3) and logs in to the service.

That’s right, it’s for iOS users only. Inexplicably, Android users are out in the cold, despite the fact that the Android app got an upgrade recently, as well.

Anyone who pays monthly for cloud storage of this type knows what a sensational deal this is. Even better, users with a free 5GB account get the 50GB as well, which if you’re keeping track equals 55GB of free storage. Forever.

This promotion lasts but 50 days (although you can keep your extra storage for the life of your account), so if you want to take advantage of it, do it now. has a great service for individual users, but the company is definitely focusing on the enterprise market. Co-founder and CEO Aaron Levie makes no bones about this in his blog post announcing the free storage.

“As I promised back in June, Box is laser-focused on supporting businesses by combining storage and sharing with the efficiencies of the cloud. We’re enabling organizations to manage and share their information across various platforms, securely, and with extreme ease,” he said. “This is the future of enterprise mobility. We’re insanely excited to be a part of the revolution.”

Then, he thanked Steve Jobs. (It’s true, read the post.)