Boxee Live TV Coming In January

For those who already use Boxee to pull content, shows, and movies from the Internet and push them to your TV, the upcoming Boxee Live TV will be a great add-on. In a nutshell, Boxee Live TV complements the existing Boxee service by using an HD antenna dongle connected to your TV to give you live TV shows over network broadcasts for free (minus the cost of the device).

The idea is that although the programming you can get from the Internet is increasingly comprehensive and diverse, most people still watch a lot of shows broadcast on the big networks, which is a barrier to “cord-cutting”, or cancelling your cable or satellite subscription.

Can you get those channels with your existing antenna? Yes. But with Boxee Live TV, you can get them on your Boxee Box; in other words, Boxee Live TV allows yo to keep all your programming in one place. It’s more of a convenience than anything, but it’s a welcome one.

Note that there will be no DVR capabilities (at least not yet), and Boxee Live TV will only work on the Boxee Box--so there’s no PC or Mac support.

Boxee Live TV will be available in January, but you can pre-order yours on the Boxee website now for $49.