Boxee Likely Coming To Mobile: Android, iPhone And iPad In Sight

Boxee just might be the most beloved piece of free software on the Internet today, particularly by those who prefer to get their entertainment from the Web rather than more conventional outlets like the television or radio. But up until now, Boxee has been a piece of software that requires a full-fledged computer to use.

But according to reports, Boxee may be considering a mobile version of the app, which enables users to easily access Web content from a variety of portals. The user interface is really what seals the deal, and having that same UI on Android, iPhone OS or WebOS could definitely make mobile video consumption seem a lot more attractive.

Boxee Remote application for the iPhone... Movies coming to the little screen next?

Reportedly, Boxee is currently searching for a "a developer fluent in the Apple operating system," and it's also hoping to develop for Android in the future. Apple's iPad also seems like a good place to plant a new Boxee app, but of course, getting around the "no Flash" rule with all Apple mobile products will be another challenge entirely.

So, is Boxee finally going mobile? All signs are pointing to yes, with the only real question being "when?" We're hoping soon, and we hope that Boxee and Hulu can somehow bury the hatchet at the same time. Now, wouldn't that be just peachy?