Box Tackles Security and Access Control in the Cloud

Box, which has become in some ways the enterprise-class version of cloud storage provider Dropbox (even though they’re in no way related), is continuing its quest to entice businesses with its portfolio of cloud storage solutions.

Months after boosting its performance by a purported factor of 10 with the Box Accelerator, Box has developed new security and access control features designed to alleviate concerns administrators may have about entering the cloud.

Box Admin Console Search
Box Admin Console Search

For starters, the admin console is designed with a snappy search interface that lets administrators locate content using date range, content type, size and context parameters, and those parameters can be saved in case users have a certain search they need to perform on a regular basis.

To help monitor all the activity happening in a company’s cloud, Box has a new API that lets users extract data from Box and plug it into a business intelligence platform, and a native two-step login verification process restricts access across all devices using Box.

Box also has a partnership with Proofpoint so that users have some data loss prevention; futher, Box says that this feature “will simplify the process for identifying restricted content, removing it from shared folders and protecting against the loss of confidential information.”