Box Kicks Dropbox When Its Down, Offering 50GB Free Storage For Life With iOS App Download

We’ll forgive you if you’ve ever confused one for the other due to similar naming and brand colors, but Box and Dropbox are competitors. Dropbox’s cloud storage is hugely popular among average consumers, but it recently suffered a black eye when its database was hacked (just kidding, that was a hoax) its site went down for nearly two days.

Box is taking full advantage of Dropbox’s bad press by announcing its new iOS apps and promising 50GB of free cloud storage for life for anyone who downloads its newly-redesigned iPhone or iPad app within the next 30 days.

Box iOS apps

(Boos and hisses from Android and Windows Phone users who aren’t getting the same deal, at least not yet. The company has done this dance before though, so hopefully other mobile users will get the goods in a few months’ time.)

The revamped iOS app includes a simpler interface, faster document rendering, new file-type preview capabilities, full text search within documents, new sidebar for comments, simultaneous multiple file management, and more.

Box also took the wraps off of the new OneCloud site, which shows off the many apps in the Box ecosystem.