Box Gives Upload Speeds a Bump with New Accelerator

With any cloud storage service, the speed at which you can upload your files is important – particularly for business users, who are often uploading large amounts of data. Given the need for quick uploads, it’s not surprising that Box has come up with a way to make them faster for business customers. Box is touting the speed boost from its new Box Accelerator as being a 10X improvement over its previous upload speeds.

Map of Box Accelerator Locations

Image Credit: Box

So what is Box Accelerator? It’s a combination of software and infrastructure, according to Box. The hardware has been placed in nine locations around the world - and three of the nine are in the United States. The U.S. locations are in Chicago, New York City, and Portland, while the remaining six are in Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo. Your proximity to one of these locations will impact just how much of a boost you experience from the Box Accelerator.
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