Box Continues to Woo the Enterprise With New Admin Tools

The cloud service formerly known as has steadily been adding features and capabilities enticing to businesses, which sets it apart from services more focused on individual users, such as Dropbox. Today, Box announced new admin features designed to make it easier for administrators in the enterprise to access and manage data.

You can explore the gaggle of new features here, but we’ll give you the short and sweet version of what admins can expect:

-Advanced Admin Console & Enterprise-Wide Search: Allows admins to easily locate specific information from any individual user across the whole company

-Enhanced Mobile Security Settings: In a BYOD era, the feature allows admins to better manage data stored on employee mobile devices. It’s ready to go for Android, with iOS soon to follow.

-Activity Notification Archiving: Various regulatory measure require nimble eDiscovery, and this feature adds notifications of various users activities to a company’s existing archiving and monitoring systems to make meeting regulatory standards easier.

-Multiple Email Domain Support: One Box account can handle users with a variety of different email domains, making it easier to manage accounts of teams or individuals in different groups or countries.

-New Box Enterprise Licensing Agreement: On top of the new features, Box is adding a new Enterprise Licensing Agreement, which does a better job of predicting pricing over a long period of time

Those interested in more information can sign up for an informative webinar on June 7.
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