Box Acquires Crocodoc For Enhanced HTML5 Document Viewing

The cloud storage wars are raging on, and while you may think that consolidation would occur, it doesn't really feel that way. Google, Apple and Microsoft are all in play, but so are smaller outfits like Dropbox and The last of those has actually just made a major acquisition today by picking up Crocodoc. The company provides technology to render and view documents on the web using HTML5. Viewing a document on Yammer? That’s Crocodoc. Looking at a resume in Linkedin Recruiter? Crocodoc again. Reviewing an assignment on Edmodo? Crocodoc.

With this, Box is stepping up its content sharing and viewing game. Crocodoc is going to be tightly integrated into all of Box's offerings and apps, but there's no time table being as to when that'll all go down.
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