Bournemouth Loves Its Crappy Internet Service

Bournemouth, England is getting a big upgrade on their Internet infrastructure. It's the first town in the UK to get a certain kind of fiber-optic service, with speeds up to 100Mbps. Of course fiber-optic Internet service isn't really news. It's the method of running the cable to everybody's home that has people talking. H2O Networks limited is running the cable through the sewerage system.

H2O has been offering the underground network to businesses and universities around the UK for several years and plans to create a nationwide network for consumers over the next few years.

It is also cheaper and more environmentally-friendly to use the UK's 360,000 miles of sewers rather than dig up roads to deploy the fibre.

Elfed Thomas, CEO of H2O Networks, added: "This is just the start of bringing next generation connectivity to the UK."

Think back on all the times you had to get down on the floor under your desk amidst all the dust bunnies to reconnect a cable you had kicked loose. Now picture troubleshooting a break in the fiber-optic line in Bournemouth.
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