botObjects Launches Worlds First Full Color Desktop 3D Printer

While even the ability to print small plastic tchotchkes in 3D with a large printer is still a bit of a marvel, a company called botObjects is attempting to take things a step further with the ProDesk3D printer, which is a full color 3D printer that can sit comfortably on your desk.

What’s most notable about the ProDesk3D is that it uses a 5-color PLA cartridge, so users can specify a huge array of different colors for the object they’re creating.

The ProDesk3D also features easy-to-use software designed to offer a user-friendly way to choose colors, tweak designs, and print objects, as well as automatic setup and build platform auto-leveling. It’s also a product with an attractive industrial design.

Front and rear views

At press time, botObjects didn’t announce a price for the ProDesk3D, but the company says that it will be comparably priced to other consumer-grade offerings currently on the market. Pre-orders will begin in June.