botObjects Demos Amazing Full-Color 3D Printer Prototype

Back in April, botObjects sent word that it was developing a full-color 3D printer called the ProDesk3D, a device that would use a 5-color PLA cartridge to print mulitcolored items and offer a huge array of color options. At the time, there wasn’t apparently a working prototype, and preorders weren’t even available for two months hence.

botObjects ProDesk3D blue

Fast forward a season, and botObjects does indeed have a working prototype, and the video of the thing in action is amazing.

The FDM/PLA ProDesk3D can print at a 25 micron resolution with 1.75mm filament at 175mm/s, and botObjects now has translucent colors available, as well. Note the smooth transition between colors on the vase below.

botObjects vase

The ProDesk3D comes with included ProModel Software v1.0, and it’s designed for quick and easy setup. Supported operating systems include Windows XP 32-bit through Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.6-10.7.

There are actually two versions of the 3D printer available for preorder: the ProDesk3D (Standard Edition) is $2,849 plus shipping with one starter 5-color cartridge and a support material cartridge. The ProDesk3D Blue (Limited Edition) comes with three 5-color cartridge sets and support material cartridges and costs $3,349.

botObjects software

Both editions cost $400 less at preorder than the recommended retail price, so if you’re inclined to grab one, do it now and save yourself some cash.