Bose Introduces 46" HDTV In VideoWave Bundle

Bose. It's a name that has been associated with high-end speaker setups, home cinemas and headphones for years. Some people aren't much on the company's tactics (like reserving the specifications from the box), but some swear by the brand. One thing that Bose hasn't really done over the years is branch out; they've done audio, audio and more audio.

But now, they're doing something a little different. Years after the HDTV explosion swept over America, Bose is just now deciding to produce their very own television. The VideoWave entertainment system was just introduced, offering a home theater sound system, 46" 1080p LCD HDTV and a music playback system. It's billed as one single product, but it's obviously comprised of numerous components. Bose has created this package in order to eliminate speaker wires, and there's no bass module either.

The idea here is to make setups less complex, with an integrated sound bar, a flashy user interface and a simplistic remote. But with a $5349 starting price that requires professional installation, we doubt too many average consumers will be lining up to buy one in October. There are far cheaper options out there, and far larger sets than 46". But considering that this is Bose, we aren't too shocked to see such a premium on the price.
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