Bono Helps Pirates Snag U2's New Album

Ah yes, music piracy. But if your own star isn't exactly close-mouthed (pun intended) with his new tracks, what can you do?

U2 has recently put the finishing touches to their first studio album in four years. Four of those songs found their way to the Internet after Bono played the songs a bit too loudly on his stereo at his villa in the south of France. A sharp-eared passerby recorded the songs and apparently posted the songs to YouTube, according to The Sun. Of course, they didn't stick around on YouTube very long.

The upcoming album is called "No Line On The Horizon."

While this is, of course, offbeat and funny news, it's hardly that important a leak. Assuming what's on the web is current and correct, a simple search for torrents shows quite a few with the entire album. And no, we didn't download any of them to check.
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