Boingo Makes Airport Hopping More Tolerable With ‘Blazing Fast’ 20Mbps Paid Wi-Fi

Spending time in a busy airport terminal is not something that many of use enjoy doing; it’s something that we have to do. With that in mind, most of us will hop on whatever free Wi-Fi option available, battling it out with other travelers with whatever table scraps of bandwidth are available. For everyone else, there’s always paid options which often provide a faster, more stable connection.

Boingo has both options covered with its Secure, Multiplatform, Analytics-Driven, Responsive and Tiered (SMART) Network. Although Boingo doesn’t give us any indication of connection speeds, it says that it will now be offering all passengers free Wi-Fi access. This will be enough for folks just looking to hop on to check email, look at pictures on Facebook, or perhaps download a few smartphone apps in a pinch.

boingo 1

However, for those that require a bit more bandwidth, Boingo is now offering a new paid option that provides 20Mbps connection speeds, which can burst to 50Mbps. Boingo says that these “blazing fast” speeds will allow its Wi-Fi network to “function like an extension of their home or office environment.” We’ll have to try it out for ourselves to put that claim to the test, but it at least sounds more tolerable than the often miserable free connections.

“Our managed, flexible networks ensure an outstanding connection, every time, no matter what speed option customers choose or what services airports layer on,” said Boingo President Nick Hulse. “We’re looking forward to rolling SMART out with additional partner airports soon.”

Boingo is launching its 20Mbps Wi-Fi service in a handful of major cities across the United States including Baltimore/Washington, Boston, Chicago, New York and Newark. Additional locations will come online “soon.”

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