Boingo Adds VPN Service To Mac And Windows Wi-Fi Finder App

Those looking to keep their surfing sessions private -- really private -- may find themselves looking over their digital shoulders when using public Wi-Fi hotspots. Boingo is one of the largest providers of public Wi-Fi spots around the globe, and it's taking action this week to bring a personal VPN to its Wi-Fi app for Windows and Mac. The latest Wi-Finder app for Macbook and Windows laptop and netbook users includes the Boingo VPN (virtual private network) to help protect users against security exploits in public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Boingo's VPN – previously launched on iOS apps -- allows users to encrypt their Wi-Fi connection and protect their personal data with a single click. The Boingo VPN uses nearly a dozen VPN servers worldwide to improve performance by delivering service in closest proximity to the user. The VPN uses a customer's Boingo account to authenticate in one simple step, and the service is free to all Boingo Wi-Fi users who have set up an account.  In addition to the Boingo VPN, the Wi-Finder app for Mac and Windows maintains the ability to connect to Boingo and partner hotspots with a single click. The app's location directory also includes more than 150,000 free, crowd-sourced hotspots that have been validated by Wi-Finder users. So there, rest easy!
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