B&N Releases Limited Edition White Nook Simple Touch For Black Friday

Dear, brave shoppers -- it's Black Friday once more. Are you staying in, and heading our with armor in tow? If so, you may want to place yet another item on your list: it's not just a discounted Nook Simple Touch, but a Limited Edition model. Announced specifically with Black Friday in mind, Barnes & Noble has released a limited run of white Simple Touch units. That's right -- a limited white unit, on Black Friday. The paradox is obvious, no? The price is $79, and according to B&N, it'll only be available today. The normal price is $99, but if in fact they only made enough for a 24 hour shopping spree, unopened units may fetch more on the secondhand market, particularly as the holidays draw nearer. So, tempted? Still staying in? Let us know your plans in comments.

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