B&N Offers "$315" Worth Of Free NOOK Books To Upgraders

Ever seen one of those television commercials that convinces you that you'll be getting something "valued at" some absurdly high price. This isn't exactly one of those cases, but in a way, it's a lot like that. Barnes & Noble has just revealed that customers who bring their "old eReader" to a B&N store and "upgrade" to a NOOK will get 30 free NOOK Books. And those, apparently, are worth $315.

We suspect that the values are being tweaked a bit here to benefit the cause, but it's still a tempting offer. Kindle owners who have been looking for a good reason to try the NOOK may be enticed, and folks who purchased a super-cheap eReader from the start now have a great opportunity to snag a high-quality alternative with a huge perk. Here's the fine print: Beginning July 1, bring any eReader into a Barnes & Noble bookstore to compare and upgrade to a NOOK device and receive an instant NOOK Book collection – 30 free digital titles valued at $315. The limited-time NOOK upgrade program is offered with purchase of any popular NOOK device including The All-New NOOK and NOOK Color Reader's Tablet.

Beginning Friday, while supplies last, customers will receive a free, 2GB microSD card loaded with 30 NOOK Books – from cooking and lifestyle to classics and reference – when they show a bookseller their old device and purchase the NOOK reader that best suits them. We also suspect that this is driving traffic into actual B&N retail shops, but either way, free stuff always equals smiling faces.