Blue PlayStation 3 To Ship Alongside Gran Turismo 5 This Month

Gran Turismo 5 seems like vaporware to many. It's a game that has been delayed countless times. So many times, that many are believing that Sony won't ever ship it. But with the holiday season coming up, it seems like Sony has finally got a place where GT5 can no longer be delayed, even if Sony wishes it could be. If this game hits one more snag, who knows how many pre-orders will be canned.

According to a recent post on the Sony PlayStation blog, GT5 will now go sale throughout North American on November 24th. Meaning that unless we see another last-minute delay, people will be giving up their Thanksgiving dinners in order to play another round of GT5. But that's not all. Sony's special edition Blue PlayStation 3 will also go on sale along with the game, but the console will be a Japan exclusive at least for now.

It will ship with GT5 in Japan for around $430 starting November 25th, but hopefully the bundle will make it to other markets soon.
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