Blow Kisses and Wear 'Sexy Undergarments' with Rockstar's Valentine's Day Patch for GTA Online

The latest patch for Grand Theft Auto V spices things up with some special Valentine's Day DLC, including new weapons, vehicles, jobs, and attire. Among the new clothing options you'll find double breasted suits and 1920s flapper dresses, as well the ability to "bare it all in sexy undergarments" and masquerade masks. For the more conservative among you, Rockstar Games also added new novelty t-shirts, hats, and other items available in stores throughout Los Santos.

Dubbed "Valentine's Day Massacre Special," the free DLC applies to both the Story Mode and GTA Online. Coinciding with the DLC is a rather extensive patch that adds a new "Blow Kiss" celebration so you can spread the love to other singles (or couples) without all the awkwardness that real-life attaches to such situations.

GTA V-Day Massacre

A few of the many highlights of the patch include the following:
  • The Rat Loader is now available again in GTA Online. Please see for your vehicular needs. This vehicle and all of its mods are free until the following Title Update
  • A player who kills a passive player must now pay their hospital bills
  • The Mechanic has now been removed when delivering a Personal Vehicle. The vehicle is now created nearby instead
  • Added a new option to the Interaction Menu that lowers the attack priority against Friends
  • Solo players in Races now earn GTA$.
  • Fix for incorrect time display on the Bad Sport pool timer
  • Fix for several exploits that allowed duplication of vehicles
  • Fix for several exploits that allowed too much RP during missions
  • Fix for issues with Cornrows haircut Fix for issue causing characters to become bald after using a mask
  • Fix for Story Mode issue where all shops could remain closed with their blips missing

The list goes on. Another change worth mentioning is that players who get banned from GTA Online are immediately sent back to Single Player.