Blockbuster Express Kiosks See Price Hikes, Too

Bad news for those who love movies and love saving money. In the wake of both Netflix and Redbox raising rates, even Blockbuster can't resist. At this point, it's hard to ignore that the root cause has to be the studios -- Blockbuster is in no position to hike up rates at a time when it could use every ounce of market share it could muster. Blockbuster has just announced that their rental kiosks will soon slip out hot new movies for $3, a 3x price increase from before. "Recent" releases will rent for $2/night, while all other (i.e. older) movies will rent for $1/night. The silver lining is that even the more expensive options are $1/night following the initial night.

Has anyone told you lately that Hollywood hates these kiosk things?