Blizzard Works To Restore Overwatch 21:9 Resolutions After Gamers Revolt

A couple of weeks ago, Blizzard rolled out a patch to the PC version of its mega-hit Overwatch that removed support for ultrawide resolutions (which would include multi-monitors). That move spurred a huge discussion on whether or not ultrawide resolutions give too much of an advantage over those using regular displays -- a discussion that's not going to have everyone in total agreement.

With a new forum post made by a Blizzard developer, though, we can see that the company might just regret the move it had made. Overwatch's 'Game Director' Jeff Kaplan said in response to a question about 21:9 support, "We're working on this now. ETA late July - give or take."


And... that's all we know right now. What's interesting though is that even though the game supported 21:9 support originally, it's going to take at least until the end of next month to see it reimplemented. This could make it seem like the company will tweak how ultrawide resolutions are handled, but anything different from before would likely mean that the implementation will be crippled. We hope that won't be the case.

For those wondering why ultra-wide resolutions are becoming so popular - and why they're a reason for some concern in an online game - they feature an aspect ratio of 21:9, rather than 16:9, which dominants the consumer landscape (no pun). As simple math would imply, that will increase your game's width by about 30%, meaning you'll see more of the game world than those running 16:9 displays would. It's easy to understand why this would be a concern to those without ultra-wide monitors, but it also seems unfair to punish those that splurged for a little extra horizontal resolution.