Blizzard Brings Overwatch Live Game Streaming Straight To Your Facebook Feed

It seems as though nearly every corner of the web offers a login option through your Facebook account. The world's largest social playground has its hooks deep in the Internet, and now it's added Blizzard to its conquests. Starting soon, you'll be able to log into games such as Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Diablo III, and StarCraft II using your Facebook credentials.

"Blizzard games are best when played with friends, so it’s important to us to provide our players with features and services that make it easy and fun to share their experiences with each other," said Gio Hunt, executive vice president of corporate operations at Blizzard Entertainment. "We’re working closely with Facebook on this integration for Overwatch, as well as our other games, and we look forward to sharing further details on our plans as development progresses."


The collaboration won't end at just being able to log into certain Blizzard titles, the two are making a play at live streaming as well. At this very moment, Blizzard and Facebook are busy incorporating the latter's Live API to create Blizzard's own "Go Live" streaming functionality for its games.

"When this functionality is implemented, players will for the first time be able to livestream their Blizzard-gaming sessions directly to their Facebook timelines, and friends will be able to subscribe and be notified when new streams are available," Blizzard and Facebook stated in a joint announcement.

Twitch already has a massive presence in the streaming space with hundreds of games on tap. However, Facebook has access to an enormous audience and was built from the ground up as a social media platform, which will make it easier and more seamless to share content, invite friends to participate, and so forth. According to Facebook, more than 650 million people already play games connected to its platform every month across the web, mobile, and console.