Blizzard Downplays Cryptic Tweet Suggesting Diablo 3 Is Headed To Nintendo Switch But Should It?

Nintendo Switch Diablo

Earlier this week, Blizzard tweeted out seemingly big news with a video that many people thought was intended to tease the release of its Diablo series on the Nintendo Switch. The short clip shows the now iconic Diablo demon in the form of a nightlight. In those six seconds, a hand reaches in and switches the nightlight on. Naturally, followers on social media thought that was supposed to indicate that Diablo was being released to the Switch.

The tweet also contained the caption, "Sweet dreams." So really, what else could it mean? Well, if you ask Blizzard—and that's what Polygon did—it means nothing at all. Maybe. Or perhaps Blizzard is being extra coy, because it did not outright deny that Diablo is headed to the Switch.
"We can assure you we're not that clever," Blizzard said in a statement. "[It was] meant to be a fun community engagement piece. We have nothing to announce."

Extrapolate from that what you will. On one hand, Blizzard giving assurance that it's not clever enough to tease a Switch announcement in such a manner suggests that this was in fact just a fun engagement piece, and not a cryptic announcement. But saying "we have nothing to announce" rather than outright dismissing the rumor leaves the door open, if even just slightly. That type of wording sometimes amounts to a *wink* *wink* in marketing speak.

This raises the question, should Blizzard release its Diablo series to the Switch, and especially Diablo 3, the latest installment? Judging by the excitement the tweet raised on social media, the answer is...well, let's just quote one of Blizzard's fans.

"F**k yes!!! Been saying I hope this happens for awhile now. Let's have it! #easymoney," Cedrique (@Metalockie) replied.

Another user vowed to buy Diablo 3 for a fourth time if Blizzard does in fact release a version for the Switch, and yet another said, "Yeah, take my money."