Blackboard Mobile Central Rolls Out Mobile Web, WebOS App

Blackboard is a name that fits right into education these days. In fact, it's hard to encounter a college course-load today that doesn't use Blackboard in some form or fashion. With online courses, it's nearly always Blackboard as the tool that delivers the coursework and returns the grades. There are a few rivals, but Blackboard is far and away the most commonly used. Due to that, the company has been quick to jump aboard the mobile revolution. People aren't just completing coursework on the go anymore, they're completing coursework on their slates and smartphones.

An iOS app already exists for Blackboard, but in an effort to continue that rollout, Blackboard Mobile Central has been developed for all mobile web browsers, while a new native application has come to webOS. That's exciting news for budding students using a Pre device, or students looking to potentially grab a TouchPad, Veer or Pre 3 in the coming months. The new options further expand the number of users who can access the Blackboard Mobile Central suite of applications on a growing range of platforms and devices. Users can navigate interactive campus maps, access course catalogs, event calendars, campus news, sports scores and schedules, and even a campus directory that allows users to call or email instructors and classmates directly from the app.

Smart Mobile Web significantly improves the mobile Web version of the Blackboard Mobile Central suite, providing an enriched user experience with a look and feel similar to a native application. The Smart Mobile Web version also enables institutions to customize the app with school branding and colors. Meanwhile, the webOS application for Palm devices is a polished native application that conforms to the look and feel of webOS.

Now that webOS is catered to, there's a native app available on every major mobile platform, and all of the versions are available at no extra cost to institutions using Blackboard Mobile Central. Furthermore, the apps are free to students, instructors and others from the various app stores. Now, if only the app would auto-complete assignments, we'd be in heaven. Maybe there's a paid version coming for that...just kidding, professors!