BlackBerry's Silver Lining? BBM For iOS And Android Shoots Up the Charts

Times are changing, and so is BlackBerry. The company that was once the envy of the mobile world has fallen on hard times, largely due to the fact that it never truly kept pace with change after the iPhone's reveal in 2007. Today, its market share is at a low point, and it's wondering how it's going to soldier on, and in what capacity. Turns out, BlackBerry may have an ace up its sleeve in the realm of software.

In the halycon days of BlackBerry, BBM was the supreme mobile messenging platform. It had features that no other service had, it was used by millions, and it was so well-built that many folks switched over to BlackBerry due to pressures from friends to make the leap and get on BBM.

Now that iOS and Android play such a huge role in the mobile space, BlackBerry has decided to develop BBM for those two platforms as well. The company released both editions this week, and within 24 hours, the apps have been downloaded over 10 million times. In fact, in Apple's App Store, the BBM app rose to #1 in over 75 nations, all within a single day.

BlackBerry is calling the initiative "BBM 4 All," and while it's something that honestly should've happened five years ago, some might suggest that it's better late than never. Have you downloaded BBM for a non-BlackBerry phone? Is it swaying you to switch messaging platforms?