BlackBerry Z30 Coming Exclusively To Verizon Wireless in November

BlackBerry's plan for saving itself involves spending much, much less on the consumer market, where it has given up nearly all of its gains to stalwarts like Apple and Samsung. Instead, it'll be focusing primarily on the enterprise and software sectors going forward, but there are still quite a few consumer products in the pipeline that simply have to be released.

As the holiday season draws near, the all-touch BlackBerry Z30 smartphone will seemingly find at least one home in the U.S. carrier universe: Verizon Wireless. The 5-inch phone is the largest ever made by BlackBerry, and it'll ship exclusively on VZW next month. It's priced at $199.99 with a new two-year agreement; if you'd prefer the month-to-month route, the phone is eligible for Verizon Edge if you'd rather pay $22.91 per month for 24 months.

The BlackBerry Z30 also comes with a 2880mAh battery that can last an entire day (25 hours with mixed usage) and includes support for wireless charging to boot. Question is: who is going to be willing to pay that amount of dough for a phone supplier that's all but eliminating its consumer-facing business?