BlackBerry Z10 Users To Get Free In-Flight Wi-Fi Access On Delta

Flying soon? Thinking of taking advantage of in-flight Wi-Fi? If you're nodding 'yes' for both of those, and you recently picked up one of BlackBerry's new Z10 smartphones, you're in luck. In a bid to lure enterprise / business travelers, BlackBerry has cracked open a deal with Gogo in order to provide free in-flight Internet access to those browsing on the new phone. Specifically, you'll need to be on a domestic Delta flight, but beyond that, there aren't any extra hoops to jump through.

The system has been coded to detect when a Z10 browser is requesting access, and if found, will allow the user to hop on for free. You'll just need to wait till you're above 10,000 feet... for now, anyway.
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