BlackBerry Z10 Shipping On 3/11 To T-Mobile USA Customers

Those waiting patiently for BlackBerry's Z10 launch -- the wait is almost over. T-Mobile USA is set to become one of the first U.S. carriers to ship the handset, with business sales set to begin on 3/11. In other words, those with the right connections could have a Z10 in their hands by next week. That will almost certainly set off a domino effect, with more carriers (likely AT&T next) shipping it soon after.

Of course, the Z10 is already on sale in 20 nations, but the U.S. isn't one of them. The handset faces its stiffest competition in this market, where Android and iOS are dominating in every possible way. Moreover, the Z10 won't come cheap. It'll run T-Mobile users $249.99 on a basic contract, which is far more than most other flagship phones.

Only time will tell if the Z10 can reignite BlackBerry -- are you going to be one of the early adopters?