BlackBerry Z10 Rumored To Be First BlackBerry 10 Model To Launch In January

As we get closer and closer to the launch of BlackBerry 10 on January 30th, more and more details are leaking out about what we might see. We've already had a glimpse at RIM's upcoming touchscreen device. A newly leaked picture suggests the L-Series handset may actually be referred to as the Z10.

What's more, the new picture also features the same styling and form as the previously leaked pictures, adding a bit more credibility to both images. RIM's BlackBerry Z10, as seen here, is expected to be offered in both black and white.

If this latest picture is to be believed, it appears RIM will move away from its traditional naming conventions that used names such as Torch and Bold along with a four-digit model number. The new naming convention favors a shorter nomenclature.

Few details regarding the name of the keyboard-equipped BlackBerry 10 are available, though some rumors suggest it could be called the BlackBerry X10.