Blackberry QNX Smartphone Details Leaked

Information about RIM’s first QNX smartphone, codenamed the BlackBerry Colt, have been leaked. The Colt is scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2012. This new smartphone is said to have a single-core processor and lack BlackBerry Enterprise Server integration—two key features that are likely to be a disappointment to users.

At a time where most high-end smartphones are moving to dual-core processors, the Colt seems to be lagging behind. Although details could change before the phone is released, BGR’s source said the internal testing that’s happening right now with the Colt is with a single-core chip.

If you’ll recall, the BlackBerry PlayBook launched without (and still lacks) a native email client. The main reason for this is that RIM needs to rewrite its BES code in order to support the new operating system. It appears this is harder than RIM thought, which is why users are still waiting on the functionality. It’s also the reason the Colt could launch without BES support.

RIM is said to be working on a QNX-compatible BlackBerry Enterprise Server, but it’s not yet available. As a workaround to enable corporate users to sync with Microsoft Exchange, the Colt will reportedly ship with ActiveSync.